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The magic and beauty of nature

P1050398Symbolism in nature

This toadstool has appeared out of nowhere, likening it to magic…. a time to engage in an imagined world unencumbered by rules, just like that through the eyes of a child.

Looking at the shape of the toadstool it is quite phallic and could be representing male energy.  Masculine energy being in the doing on the physical.

Is it time to take action, push forward and be proactively productive?



wisdom of the owl

owl bird animal

Some 15 years ago an owl flew into my car windscreen and was killed instantly. I felt then it was the Owl’s message that I was oblivious to the fact that I had been wandering aimlessly through life and change was imminent. Truth was about to unfold with imposing intensity bringing with it further enlightenment.  After much change, travel, exploring, experiencing and transcending since then, this morning the Owl revisited my life again.  This time another vehicle had taken the Owl’s life.  I stopped,  picked the Owl up and placed it in a safe place with nature so it could have a dignified death away from the road traffic.

As I tap into this magical animal spiritual guide, may this be a time of promising lucidity, new beginnings and promise with the help of the Owl’s wisdom and medicine.  May you discover your ‘australian animal dreaming’ with Scott Alexander King  in Animal Dreaming to help explain or reveal an alternative for your future path.


Monday 5 August, 2013

P1040101 (2)A symbolic day for me  today in two ways.

Firstly, this was the day 15 years ago that my life was redirected from a ‘lots of material/little spiritual’ life to a ‘lots of spiritual/little material’ life.  Stripped bare of almost everything the physical had to offer and living on faith and trust, I am now moving towards the balancing of material and spiritual riches.  I feel 15 years is a long time to surrender to another way of living in the physical realm; at the same time embracing a new way of life including embracing the universal visual vocabulary, symbolism.

Secondly, it is 15 years today that I purchased my ‘new companion’ Fifi, my small car who is now 16 years old.  This may not mean much to most, however Fifi has always taken me safely to places where I have needed to be.  It is important for me to ask Fifi to take me safely to my destination, thank her when I arrive and take good care of her, just as I do my own body.  I am very grateful for experiencing such a gift.

Love, gratitude and surrender.

Rich Brother, Rich Sister by Robert Kiyosaki and Emi Kiyosaki has enlightened me on the importance of balancing both material and spiritual riches.

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