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The Artist Books

Artist books

The Artist Books – my final project for Unit 9 Printmaking (just 15 units to go).  My project was to create an artist book/s in a contemporary context + the transformation of space from a metaphysical perspective.

The process was to create a set of prints using the printmaking method and bind them into a book/s.  I left a number of pages blank so the viewer could either write notes or ‘make a wish’ in the book.  The olive tree representing a survivor of the extreme.  The fruit representing the bitterness of the fruit and the olive oil the sweetness.

The viewer can engage with the books by using the blank pages to note their own ‘bitterness and sweetness’ life experiences and therefore the installation becomes a therapeutic space in which to further engage with the books.

My BA studies are giving me so much joy.  The commitment to continually engage with the units is also helping me with everyday life skills to be in the moment and believe that I CAN DO no matter the challenge.  We are never given anything we are not able to handle.

May you all find and live your passion then immerse yourself in your world of light…..




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