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Letting go of the story

We all have a story and there are many of us who have lots of stories as they give us an identity.

Until we let go of our story we can be ‘stuck’ and feel of no value for without an identity who are we, we ask?  We are not our story.

As we start ‘the letting go of the story’ we allow space to reinvent ourselves by filling our lives by doing more of what we love.  For me there are four elements that I include in my daily life to help me to let go of the story to allow myself to reinvent my journey.

The Arts

Visual arts, music, movement, which allows me to, not only find myself but to also lose myself.


Where I can also, not only find myself but also lose myself in its powerful magical beauty and where I can find teachings about life, death and rebirth.  For example, the living plants and the dead branches all living in harmony.  The color palettes that constantly create a work of art.


The alchemy of food and exercise.  I love harvesting and cooking my own fresh food from my small garden.  Cooking is a life force for me, a creative energy that becomes an extension of my art studies.  Exercise is important for me to keep a healthy body, mind and spirit.  This is especially relative when I am with nature as this is where I continually discover myself without judgement.


Spiritual awareness to ‘do without doing and everything gets done’.  For me to be in the moment so I can move out of spiritual darkness of ignorance and fear into a world of spiritual freedom of love and contentment.

May you find a way to let go of your story.  Whatever you can do well, don’t do.  Accept the challenge to do what you can’t do.  This will free you up to ‘let go of your story’.





Are you in transition waiting for a decision?

A “yes’ will be same ol’ and can produce a stagnant heavy energy.

A ‘no’ will remind me of the lyrics of singer Leonard Cohen

“Baby, please make a change

I think it will do you good”

How many times have you been aware of transition being upon you and you choose to linger with doubt and fear?

Maybe we can choose to engage with transition joyfully and to see the beauty in the journey to a life with more freedom and heightened awareness.



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