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Explore more of what you love!


Explore opportunities like the ladybird.  The ladybird foretells a time of luck and protection where your wishes start to manifest.

Before entering into a commitment of six years studying at University I had spent many years exploring what I love, that is The Arts, Nature, Nutrition and Awareness.  How could I now combine all of this information into my daily life into one package so I could experience freedom and to live this unlived part of my life?  University studies.

When exploring opportunities, be aware of how your body either responds or reacts to the content of these opportunities.  Does it excite you, do you feel a connection or does your body feel listless and overwhelmed at the thought of exploring certain opportunities?  Does the content match your intent? Would the process work for you?

When I was exploring study opportunities, my passion included The Arts, Nature, Nutrition and Awareness.  How could I include all of these into my daily life so I could do what more of what I love?

 I do not paint but I do draw and use color to express how I feel.   

I love nature but not so much working with snakes, lizards and other creepy crawlies.  Besides the units proposed in an Environmental Degree did not make my body sing nor did the chemistry and mathematical components.

Nutrition which, for me, includes a form of art and creativity had been part of my life for eight years in my own cafe and gave me such joy creating and working with people.  However, this takes a lot of physical energy.

And finally awareness.  Having been stripped bare of all identity, good health and material wealth, it was an opportune time for me to explore a new way of living that would give me more harmony, wellness and abundance.  Humility and gratitude now being my constant companions.

Studying for me is living an ‘unlived’ part of my life with so much joy, and even though it pushes me way out of my comfort zone, I am finding this is truly where the magic lies. The bonus in all of this is that I have found a sense of belonging.

I acknowledge that University study may not be your package, however I encourage you to explore the ‘unlived’ part or parts of your life to experience the life you imagined.




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