Artiste, Educator, Writer


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I am passionate about the arts, nature, nutrition and awareness.  In acknowledging I am 100% responsible for the the life “I” create I hold the picture of:

Perfect health, effortless wealth and deeply satisfying relationships, as well as a profound sense of peace, joy, happiness and freedom independent of outside circumstances.  My future lies in this very HERE and NOW moment.

My journey so far includes hospitality, tourism, farming, banking, media, retail, sales and marketing, and volunteering in Western Australia, South-east Queensland and Langkawi Island, Malaysia.  In essence,  another lifetime….

My inspiration now comes from the arts, music, science, philosophy, nature, cooking, travel, reading, writing, and quality time with Self, family and friends.  I am in my final year of part-time University studies at Open Universities Australia/Curtin University, Perth, WA studying a BA Degree, majoring in Fine Arts and Visual Culture graduating in May 2018.

As I explore, experience and transform my  living environment, my “Garden of Life” blossoms with Divine Providence: Presence, Simplicity and Respect for everyone and everything…



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