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P1040101 (2)With the number 35/8 being my Life Path Number, today is one of the most auspicious days for me in any one year

8th day 8th month.

Numerology 8…. Abundance and Power with their life purpose to work with power, abundance and recognition with success coming from being able to serve for the good of all.

As Millman writes (1993, p. 277-278), the Law of Higher Will reminds 35/8’s to have awareness of their higher purpose to help them clear their subconscious fears and self sabotage.  35/8’s experience wealth when they start out feeling their abundance and gratitude which then attracts more blessings. As they feel more deserving, they get out of their own way and enjoy their success.

Millman, Dan, 1993. The Life You Were Born to Live. H. J. Kramer Inc, CA, USA.


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