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Timing today

Awareness today around responding to what energy is working with what and letting go of not achieving everything that I have set out to do.  I liken it to writing.  When the words are flowing allow them to flow freely without distraction.  Do without doing and everything gets done…

Responding to intuition

Nature constantly reminds me to be ‘in the moment’ and have an awareness of our guidance from within.  Keep moving with the cycles without resistance.  It also keeps me aware to remember to ‘ask’ for help when there are challenges or obstacles on our daily path.  Meltdowns with my studies come to mind especially with this current unit, web communication.  Just one full stop, no full stop, one letter, comma etc can stand between a URL working or not.  Awareness to ‘ask’, allow and let go so an answer or help can come through continues to inspire me.

August: The Month of Allowance

joyful cacophony

Last month I tried something new. I set an intention for the entire month. Setting a focused intention allowed me to fully explore a few aspects of myself that I was ready to change, namely jealousy, envy and guilt.

Each challenge suddenly became an opportunity to grow. For example, my husband told me he had a small crush on a girl at work I realized I was being tested. Will I respond with jealousy or compassion and understanding? I was tempted to chose jealousy. I felt afraid of losing my husband and insecure about our connection. I confronted these feelings head on and shared them with, Erich. We were both able to discuss our feelings openly and honestly. Ultimately, we dealt with the situation maturely, with love, compassion and mutual respect. It was awesome!

Setting an intention for the month allowed me to spot all sorts of opportunities like the…

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Auspicious 8th day of 8th month

P1040101 (2)With the number 35/8 being my Life Path Number, today is one of the most auspicious days for me in any one year

8th day 8th month.

Numerology 8…. Abundance and Power with their life purpose to work with power, abundance and recognition with success coming from being able to serve for the good of all.

As Millman writes (1993, p. 277-278), the Law of Higher Will reminds 35/8’s to have awareness of their higher purpose to help them clear their subconscious fears and self sabotage.  35/8’s experience wealth when they start out feeling their abundance and gratitude which then attracts more blessings. As they feel more deserving, they get out of their own way and enjoy their success.

Millman, Dan, 1993. The Life You Were Born to Live. H. J. Kramer Inc, CA, USA.

Monday 5 August, 2013

P1040101 (2)A symbolic day for me  today in two ways.

Firstly, this was the day 15 years ago that my life was redirected from a ‘lots of material/little spiritual’ life to a ‘lots of spiritual/little material’ life.  Stripped bare of almost everything the physical had to offer and living on faith and trust, I am now moving towards the balancing of material and spiritual riches.  I feel 15 years is a long time to surrender to another way of living in the physical realm; at the same time embracing a new way of life including embracing the universal visual vocabulary, symbolism.

Secondly, it is 15 years today that I purchased my ‘new companion’ Fifi, my small car who is now 16 years old.  This may not mean much to most, however Fifi has always taken me safely to places where I have needed to be.  It is important for me to ask Fifi to take me safely to my destination, thank her when I arrive and take good care of her, just as I do my own body.  I am very grateful for experiencing such a gift.

Love, gratitude and surrender.

Rich Brother, Rich Sister by Robert Kiyosaki and Emi Kiyosaki has enlightened me on the importance of balancing both material and spiritual riches.

Sunday 4 August, 2013

Technology.  One needs to find a whole lot of time to keep learning.

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